GlyCardial Diagnostics


GlyCardial was born from the passion for research and to translate a discovery made in the laboratory into a solution that could help to reduce the impact of cardiovascular disease on patients' life.


Not only because of the potential social impact of iSCOR, but also towards all our partners that are helping us to get closer to our goal.

Our goal is to bring to the market iSCOR as the first biomarker to assess cardiac ischemia


The technology is based on the detection of glycosylated Apolipoprotein J (ApoJ-Glyc) in blood as a biomarker for the early diagnosis of cardiac ischemia and the prediction of patients' evolution after an ischemic event.

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Project timeline


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Development of assay in ELISA format

Identification of monoclonal antibodies


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Retrospective clinical validation

Validation in experimental studies


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EDICA Multicenter Prospective Clinical Trial

Recruitment of patients


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Assay verification and validation


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EDICA trial follow-up

Additional uses of ApoJ-Glyc


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iSCOR validated in an agnostic assay format

Fast-test development