Project Origin

Discovery of a novel biomarker of ischemia

iSCOR is based on the quantificaction of blood levels of glycosylated Apolipoprotein J (ApoJ-Glyc)

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Discovery of the biomarker in samples of patients in the early ischemic phase

ApoJ-Glyc was identified as a potential novel marker of the early stages of ischemia in a Discovery proteomic study analysing serum samples of patients in the early phase of a cardiac ishcmemic event. Specifically, a decrease in the levels of glycosylated ApoJ forms was detected.

Development of the first iSCOR immunoassay and retrospective clinical validation

After the discovery of the novel biomarker, we developed a novel immunoassay for the quantification of ApoJ-Glyc levels. This first version of the test was validated in retrospective clinical studies showing:

Early diagnosis of ischemia

Prognosis after ischemic event

Predictive value for recurrent events

iSCOR impact

Our results in retrospective clinical studies suggested that ApoJ-Glyc could be a useful marker to map ischemic risk. For this reason, iSCOR can support most of the strategies for the improvement of chest pain management.

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