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Our vision is to improve the early diagnosis of cardiac ischemic events to reduce the impact of the disease on patients' life


GlyCardial Diagnostics has developed an accurate and proprietary biomarker for the early detection of cardiac ischemia using a simple blood test.

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Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death globally causing 31% of total deaths


Of the general population will experience chest pain during their lifetime


Of chest pain patients are wrongly discharged depending on the geographical area


Cost per patient admitted with chest pain suggestive of an ischemic event

The only available biomarkers at present can detect irreversible myocardial injury but not myocardial ischemia

Inaccurate diagnosis may lead to increased death rates, other cardiovascular events and high costs

Current biomarkers are blind for ischemia

Available biomarkers only allow us to see the tip of the iceberg, so a lab-representation of ischemia is missing.

iSCOR provides an estimation of ongoing cardiac ischemia

Early detection of ischemia is essential to administer therapy and prevent progressive myocardial damage.

iSCOR impact

iSCOR could support most of the strategies for the improvement of chest pain management


Reduce in-hospital delay for identifying and treating patients with an ischemic event


Prevent innappropriate release of patients with an ischemic event


Reduce unnecessary hospitalization rate for non-ischemic patients


Reduce medical costs in the assessment of chest pain patients