Dr. Judit Cubedo

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Dr. Cubedo holds a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Barcelona. She has solid expertise in biomarker discovery, gained during 12 years spent conducting several research lines on clinical differential proteomic studies, biomarker validation studies and the characterization of protein post-translational modifications, for the identification of new biomarkers of cardiovascular risk and its clinical manifestations.

She has published more than 30 scientific publications in high-impact journals, including original papers and reviews, and two book chapters, and she holds three patents. During the last years her work has been addressed to the development of immunobased assays for the detection of novel potential biomarkers of cardiovascular disease with transfer and commercialization potential. She was awarded with the Innovators Under 35-Spain MIT Technology Review award for the development of the first prototype to quantify ApoJ-Glyc as a biomarker of ischemia.

She has participated in entrepreneurship programmes, including “CaixaImpulse Programme” (Barcelona).

As CEO of GlyCardial, she directs the scientific aspects of the project and oversees its overall implementation, progress, and success.